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Portable VOC Detector

... extended warranty  with long sensor life


Model PIDScan 200

PIDScan 200 series is the latest range of portable PID detectors that are highly sensitive to VOC measurement and humidity resistance even up to 99% RH.   They are incorporated with built-in humidity and temperature sensors that provide real-time humidity and temperature compensation for more reliable and repeatability in VOC detections.  With various options available for you to select from, PIDScan series 1000 are the most compact VOC monitors available in the market today, that provide you with detection range capable from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm.




ease of use during measurement over wide measuring range from   10 ppb to 20,000 ppm (gas dependent) 

Unique ceramic-glass PID sensor 

has proven to be more stable and longer sensor life than any conventional PID lamps

Built-in temperature and humidity sensors

to ensure accurate and real-time compensation measurements under all weather conditions

300+ VOCs built-in library 

comprehensive library of VOCs ... you almost  never miss a thing 

  • Fast response and recovery during measurement.

  • Large TFT colored display; comfortable reading even in low lighting.

  • Large data memory more than 60,000 records; for both automatic and manual log feature.

  • Data-download to computer via USB cable.

  • Comes with free interactive user-configurable software.

  • User customized input correction factors for desired VOCs.

  • GPS receiver (option) to allow measuring data to be assigned to specific location using the position data.

  • Easy automatic calibration using smart processor.



Sensors                            Type                                    Range / Resolution                 

                                          PID (10.6 eV)                      0 ppm-4000 ppm / ppm         

                                                                                     0 ppm-10,000 ppm / ppm       

                                                                                     0 ppb-10,000 ppm / ppb, ppm          

                                      *  with Temperature and Humidity compensation on board

                                      *  other lamps available on request 

Response factor               Built-in library for up to 70 gases

                                            Gas library extended to 250+ gases

                                            Able to edit and customize response factor to new VOCs in library

Data-logging                    User downloadable data-logger

Communication               PC to instrument via USB; GDS-Scan software for instrument configuration                                                and data handling

Upgradeable                   Able to upgrade to higher version of PIDScan series

Size                                  L165 mm x W67 mm x D45mm

Weight                              approx. 500 g

Measurement                   ppm

Response time                 T90 < 3 sec

Pump                                built-in

Alarms                              audible and visual alarm (95 dB and LEDs)

                                            high alarm (adjustable)

                                            low alarm (adjustable)

                                            STEL and TWA alarms  (adjustable)                               

                                            additional diagnostic alarms

                                            alarm and display for low battery status

                                            low flow alarm

                                            vibrator alarm

                                            calibration due alarm

Calibration                        Automatic 2-point field calibration for zero and span

Auto zero                           Yes

Battery                               rechargeable Li-ion battery pack

                                             drop-in charging cradle

Operation Time                 Up to 16 hours continuous operation

Display                              Large LCD 128 x 64 pixels with backlight

Keypad                             Three tactile button operation

Readout                            Instantaneous VOC gas values    

                                             TWA and STEL values for VOC readings

                                             High and Low values   

                                             Next calibration date

                                             Real-time clock

                                             Battery status  

Tagging                             Add, remove and edit tags on measurements

Op. Temperature              -20 deg C to +50 deg C

Op. Humidity                    0%RH to 95%RH (non-condensing)

Approval                           Ex ib d IIC T4 (pending)

IP rating                            IP65

EMI/RFI                             Compliance to EN 50270 (pending)

Communication                PC connectivity via USB and docking station

                                             using GDS-Scan PC software


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