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Open Path GasScan series

Equipped with the latest proprietary MOLES technology
... ensuring reliability, performance false alarms in
dust, rain, fog, snow, 
even under harsh environment changes

Model OPGS-100

The Open Path GasScan model OPGS-100 is a high-quality, long range open path gas detection system, with advanced technology designed to detect, and quantify various gases present in a given environment over a long distance coverage. This system utilizes our innovative cutting-edge MOLES (Multi-Order Laser Emission Spectrum ) finger-print matching technique, to capture, process, and analyze the presence and concentration of gases, enabling diverse applications in industrial, environmental, safety applications.  By providing long distance coverage and built-in automatic calibration at site, this technology offers invaluable end user benefits for improvements in operational efficiency, safety measures, and man-power savings over wide market sectors in gas monitoring.




High Sensitivity and Selectivity

is ensured by our 

proprietary MOLES technique to yield finger-matching in specific methane gas detection.

No False Alarms nor unstable readings

due to dust, rain,

fog, snow or even under harsh environment changes; our system eliminates all unwanted noise generated.

Built-in automatic gas calibration

has proven to ensure prolong accuracy and end-user's confidence in the performance; no gas check is required at site.

Built-in green
visible laser 

that enables ease of use in alignment at site; no need to waste time to align the invisble IR light source.

  • laser light source specific to methane CH4 gas.  Oher gases, such as NH3, HF, HCl, H2S and CO2 in the pipeline.

  • heated optics to ensure no condensation and icing on the window and optics.

  • transceiver configuration to cut down unnecessary wire installation, complicated set up and prolong commisioning time. 

  • with buit-in LCD display and alarm LEDs.

  • calibration cells (optional) available for assurance test at site. 

  • built-in fine, tactile adjustment screws provided for fine tuning in alignment; no special tools required. 



Sensor type                              Infrared absorption (methane specific)

Range                                       0 - 5,000 ppm.m                                                                                                 0 - 1 LEL.m ; 5 LEL.m                                    

Path length                               Short range       3 - 50 m                                                                                    Medium range   40 - 120 m                                                                                 Long range      100 - 200 m 

Response Time                       T90 < 2 sec 

Signal Integrity                        ≤ +/- 3% 

Analogue output                     4 ... 20 mA   

Relay output                           3x SPDT (Alarm 1, Alarm 2, Fault)

Digital Interface                      RS232 for PC connection  

Source life time                       More than 5 years

Supply voltage                       24 VDC

Operating Cond.                    Temperature: -20 degC to +70 degC                                                                  Humidity: 0 - 98%RH (non-condensing)

Storage Cond.                       Temperature: -20 degC to +70 degC                                                                  Humidity: 0 - 100%RH (non-condensing)

Physical Dim.                         Weight: 5.0 kg approx.                                

Dimension:                             Dimension: L 270 x W 225 x H 148 (mm)

Ex Approval                           Pending

Accessories                           Calibration cells (optional), mounting assembly                                                 with fine and coarse tuning adjustments,                                                           binoculous (optional)

  • Spectrum is similar to an ID of a specified gas.

  • In gas detection, the spectrum is used in spectroscopic techniques to identify and quantify specific gases. The absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation by a gas is unique to that particular gas and can be used for its identification.

  • By utilizing these spectroscopic techniques, gas detection devices can accurately identify and measure specific gases, making them more reliable and efficient than existing traditional methods.

  • our innovative cutting-edge MOLES (Multi-Order Laser Emission Spectrum ) finger-print matching technique, is able to capture, process, and analyze accurately, the presence and concentration of gases, without any false alarms or interferences from dust, rain, fog, snow, or even under harsh environmental changes.


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