Model IMS-Scan 300

Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometry Analyzer

PIDScan 100 series is the latest range of portable PID detectors that are highly sensitive to VOC measurement and humidity resistance even up to 99% RH.   They are incorporated with built-in humidity and temperature sensors that provide real-time humidity and temperature compensation for more reliable and repeatability in VOC detections.  With various options available for you to select from, PIDScan series 1000 are the most compact VOC monitors available in the market today, that provide you with detection range capable from 1 ppb to 10,000 ppm.

IMS_Scan 100 Ion Mobility Spectrometer_6

Download PIDScan 100 Brochure


o   Auto-range VOC measurements

o   Multi-range from 1 ppm to 10,000 ppm

o   PID sensor with built-in humidity and temperature sensors

o   on board for real-time compensation and accurate readings

o   Fast response and recovery during measurement

o   Ex-approved for application in hazardous environment

o   Health and safety mode as standard

o   Large LCD display with backlight



Sensors                             Type                                    Range / Resolution                 

                                             PID (10.6 eV)                     0 ppm-4000 ppm / ppm         

                                                                                          0 ppm-10,000 ppm / ppm       

IP rating                             IP65

EMI/RFI                              Compliance to EN 50270 (pending)

Communication               PC connectivity via USB and docking station

                                             using GDS-Scan PC software