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Advanced Ion Mobility Spectrometry Analyzer

... capable to detect and measure          simulatneously VOCs/SVOCs
           in extreme low ppb levels  

Model AIMS-scan series

AIMS-scan 300 is our first unique, compact analytical instrument, using the latest advanced ion mobility spectrometry technology. The engine module, its control unit, two digital mass flow controllers and pressure controller are integrated in the compact box.  The instrument offers wide range of setups. It is ideal for users, who are interested in powerful analytical instrument with requirement on portability. The device can present all the advantages of advanced ion mobility spectrometry technology. All operation parameters of the device are fully adjustable by the user, making this instrument suitable for research in laboratories as well as for direct application in the industry.




Working pressure                              600-1200 mbar          
Working temperature                        30-100 oC
Resolving power N2/Air                    70/60 FWHM              
Sensitivity                                          ppm / ppb
Drift gas flow                                     500-1200 ml/min        
Sample gas flow                                5-500 ml/min
Drift field intensity                              200-560 V/cm            
Polarity                                              Positive/Negative
Ionization source                              Corona Discharge      
Power supply                                    24V
Connectivity                                      USB 2.0                      
Dimensions (mm)                              352x305x142


100% Configurable

AIMS-scan 300 is totally configurable and it is an excellent tool for monitoring fast processes with high sensitivity requirement. In addition to detection of volatile and semi-volatile compounds, the system is the only one in the field which is suitable for solids analysis and surface analysis. The device can easily achieve the resolution of up to 90 FWHM (full width half maximum), which makes it an instrument with highest resolving power in the field.

The high performance Corona Discharge ion source outperforms the conventional ions sources used in IM-S device, and the high ion current is responsible for the ultra-high sensitivity of the AIMS-scan 300. It is a perfect solution for those who need to customise a device with advanced ion mobility spectrometry technology.  



  • Fast and remote monitoring of processes

  • Interface to Gas Chromatograph or to Multi Capillary Column Gas Chromatograph

  • Trace gases detection

  • Volatile organic compounds monitoring

  • Environmental monitoring

  • Indoor/Outdoor air quality monitoring

  • Liquid / Solid Chemical analysis

  • Research laboratories


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