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Portable Single Gas Detector

... a wide selection of high performance,
24 months maintenance-free sensors

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Model P10 pocket sized
Single Gas Detectors

P10 series is the latest generation of portable maintenance-free, single gas detector developed and manufactured by GDS INSTRUMENTS. It is powered by lithium battery. This product can provide 24 months maintenance-free period, high stability
and long service life with high-performance electrochemical sensor and ultra-low power consumption circuit design.

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Maintenance free


design, saving users' expenses 

compact design 

Small size and light weight, easy to wear;  

One-button operation, 

no training required

Intrinsically safe 

Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, can be used in zone 0 

multiple alarms

Visual, audible and vibration alarms 

  • Maintenance-free design, saving users' expenses

  • Small size and light weight, easy to wear

  • One-button operation, extremely easy, no training require

  • Intrinsically safe explosion-proof design, can be used in zone 0 

  • IP68 protection, withstand 1 hour of immersion in water  

  • Withstand 3 meters’ drop 

  • Visual, audible and vibration alarms 

  • IR data communication function (Max version)



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System Specifications

Display                             Dot-matrix LCD display

Gas type                          Toxic gases

Detection Principle           Electrochemical 

Sensor life                         2-3 years (most gases) 

Detection method             Diffusion 


Environmental Specifications


Temperature range            -20 degC ~ +50 degC

Humidity range                  0 - 95%RH (non-condensing) 

Ingress progression           IP67 (passed CNEX test)


Mechanical Specifications


Material Housing              Composite

Weight                              100 g

Dimensions                      86 x 49 x 20 (mm) 

Drop Resistance              3 meters


Electrical Specifications


Power                              3.6V lithium battery 

Charging voltage            Um = 6V +/- 5%

Working time                   > 9000 hours

                                        (25 degC, electrochemical sensor) 

Alarms                             95 dB audible, LED visual

                                        and vibration 

Operating mode              One button

Sensor Specifications


         Gas            Range                 Resolution         Response time  


          CO           0 - 500 ppm           1 ppm                     20s

          H2S          0 - 100 ppm           1 ppm                     20s

          O2            0 - 25 %VOL          0.1 %VOL               20s

          SO2          0 - 100 ppm           1 ppm                    20s         

          NH3          0 - 100 ppm            1 ppm                   60s

          Cl2           0 - 20 ppm              0.1 ppm                 60s

* For other ranges, please consult your local GDS INSTRUMENTS representative.



CNEX                                Ex d ib IIC T4 Gb

CPA                                   Include CO, H2S, SO2

Product Configuration


P10 Series Portable Gas Detector


Calibration cover


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