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GDS Instruments is  is solely a local Singapore pioneer company in PID gas detection.  We are fast becoming the leading developer of PID gas detection and are currently pursuing wireless communications solutions in gas detection. These solutions range from cutting edge portable and fixed PID detection, multi-gas detection, as well as incorporating wireless link and communication capabilities over IP (Internet Protocol) to IP based solutions.

GDS Instruments' solutions are specifically developed for affordability and high performance. Initial start off as a professional setup, the company had benefitted from the government Technology Innovative Program funding, and has developed into a formidable entity in gas detection instrumentation today.  Our engineers and scientists are of the highest calibre and are originated from many countries, including Singapore, USA, Germany and China.

GDS Instruments has developed a state-of-the-art fixed continuous PID detection with self cleaning capability (patent pending).  It is dubbed "the most reliable" fixed PID detector available today, which has proven to perform accurately even at harshest environment of high temperature and humidity.  It has unprecedented features, such as auto-zeroing, auto-calibration, auto-cleaning and SMART capabilities which delivers unmatched cost-performance.

To complement the fixed PID device, we have also developed a series of portable instruments, with focus on PID detection.   There is the single gas PID detector and the multigas detectors which has up to 5 gases, with VOC detection.

The Company is aspired to become the leading manufacturer of PID devices with innovative, state-of-the-art inventions and features to enhance the effectiveness of PID instruments in the market.  We are prepared to work with various companies who can recognize our expertise in this area.  In return, we are prepared to work in various forms of business arrangements in viable and feasible corporation in mutual benefits.  OEM arrangements are also welcome.

Our intention in wireless communication solutions are groundbreaking and would change the landscape of the gas detection environment worldwide because our solutions would be affordable solutions for even the smallest system.

Where GDS Instruments would break the mold for the world of wireless communication in gas detection technology is that the conventional wisdom has held that "wireless gas detection is not reliable” and “when they are available, they are expensive." Meaning that better technology comes with high prices set in Europe or the United States, and therefore better technology is expensive.

This has led to developing countries having to pay for their technological revolution.

At GDS Instruments, we say that our goal is to "revolutionalized wireless communication in gas detection to be accurate and reliable”.  Our system would incorporate a distributed mesh network over the gas detection arena, so that not one data transmission is reliant on a specific route of transmission.  Therefore, with the mesh ideology, data can be transmitted accurately and reliably over a local wide area network; gone with the need to depend on traditional hard wire transmission. 


Such technology would certainly set a new arena in gas detection application, and its mode of operation in the future.  Related industries, such as fire fighters, homeland securities, petrochemical plants, refineries, oil platforms, and shipyards, would now have extended C3I capabilities incorporated into a network of small portable gas detection devices, and hence would allow higher echelon to have real-time information on the gas detection data and information, in order for them to make relevant and effective decisions to influence situations on the ground.  This is our goal.  And one day, it would become a reality.

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