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Model MGScan 200 Series

MDGScan 200 is ....


Download MGScan 200 Brochure


o The first multi-range PID instrument with SMART sensors for oxygen, combustible gases and any two combinations of toxic gases

o Multi-range PID sensor from 0 ppm to 4,000 ppm

o Fast response and recovery during measurement

o PID sensor with built-in humidity and temperature sensors on board for real-time compensation and accurate readings

o Ex-approved for application in hazardous environment;

o Health and safety mode available as standard

o Simultaneous display of all readings in large LCD with backlit

o Automatic and manual data-logging feature as standard

o Data-download to computer via USB cable

o Comes with free interactive user-configurable software

o Library with more than 70+ VOCs and their response factors

o Upgraded to higher version.


Sensors                         5 x sensors; plug-in type
                                        Type                                    Range
                                        PID (10.6 eV)                     0-2000 ppm
                                                                                     0-4000 ppm
                                        * with Temperature and Humidity compensation on board
                                        Combustible Gases        0-100%LEL
                                        Oxygen                                0-30.0% Volume
                                        CO (Toxic 1)                       0-999 ppm
                                        H2S (Toxic 2)                     0-100 ppm
                                        * Toxic Sensor 1 and 2 can be replaced with list of toxic sensors as follows:
                                        Cl2                                       0.0-20.0 ppm
                                        ClO2                                    0.0-2.0 ppm
                                        HCN                                    0-50 ppm 
                                        NH3                                     0-100 ppm
                                        NO2                                     0.0-20.0 ppm 
                                        PH3                                     0.0-5.0 ppm
                                        SiH4                                    0-50 ppm
                                        * other toxic sensors to be updated; available on request
Response factor          Built-in library for up to 70 gases
Datalogging                  User downloadable datalogger
Communication           PC to instrument via USB; GDS-Scan PC software for instrument configuration and data handling
Upgradeable                Able to upgrade to higher version of MGScan series

Size                                 L182 mm x W90 mm (tapering to 60 mm) x D52 mm
Weight                            Approx. 580 g
Measurement                LEL   -   %LEL or %Vol (selectable)
                                         VOC   -   ppm or mg/m3 (selectable) 
Pump                              Built-in; Standard tubing length 3 m; Up to 50 m length as user options.
Alarms                            Audible and visual alarm (95 dB and LEDs)
                                         High alarm (adjustable)
                                         Low alarm (adjustable)
                                         STEL and TWA alarms  (adjustable)                                
                                        Additional diagnostic alarms
                                        Alarm and display for low battery status
                                        Low flow alarm
                                        Vibrator alarm
                                        Calibration due alarm

Calibration                    Automatic 2-point field calibration for zero and span
Auto zero                       Yes
Battery                           Rechargeable Li-ion battery pack
                                        Drop-in charging cradle
Operation Time           Up to 16 hours continuous operation

Display                          Large LCD 23cmx7cm; 128x64 pixels with backlight
Keypad                          Three tactile buttons operation
Readout                        Instantaneous and simultaneous for 5 gas values    
                                       TWA and STEL values for VOC, Toxic 1 and 2
                                       High and Low values for all gases   
                                       Next calibration date
                                       Real-time clock
                                       Battery status  
Tagging                        Add, remove and edit tags on measurements

Op. Temperature          -20 deg C to +50 deg C
Op. Humidity               0 %RH to 95 %RH (non-condensing)
Approval                      Ex ib d IIC T4 (pending)
IP rating                       IP65
EMI/RFI                        Compliance to EN 50270 
Communication         PC Connectivity via USB and docking station using GDS-Scan PC software

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