Portable multigas detectors with PID sensor

There are two advanced series under this MGSCan category,  - an advanced portable multigas detector with PID sensor.

Model MGScan 200 seriesMultigas detector with PID PIDScan 200

There are 2 different models under this MGScan 200 series.  The difference here from the 300 series (described below) is that they are equipped with a standard, low range PID sensor with detection range of up to 4000 ppm.  The instrument is available with standard OFCH (oxygen, flammable, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide) sensors, and also with the option for SMART sensors, where you can easily replace the two toxic sensors with any two other toxic sensors available under our wide range of selections.

MGScan 200 series is targeted for application mainly for use as confined space entry monitor with PID sensing capability, where the device can display all 5 sensor readings simultaneously.

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Model MGScan 300 seriesMultigas detector with PID PIDScan 300

Under this MGScan 300 series, there are 4 different models.   They are all equipped with the high-end PID sensor with detection range of up to 10,000 ppm, and have option for ppb detection.  Just like the MGScan 200 series above, they are available with standard OFCH sensors, and also the SMART sensors, where you have the option to replace the toxic sensors with any 2 other toxic sensors available.

MGScan 300 series is targeted for application in hazmat response all-in-one capability, where they can rely on the SMART sensors and multi-range PID with ppb capability, for their fast analysis requirement in the field.

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